About Us

Vehicle Portal is a division of City Drive Rent A Car Limited.

With over 7 Years’ experience in the vehicle rental industry we have imagined the future of transportation by developing and providing you with a platform where you can hire great cars in good condition listed by people from our community. Vportal is a web-based application that allows ordinary people from the public to list vehicles for hiring out. Customers can choose from a wide range of assorted vehicles depending on their needs

Listing is free simple and straightforward. List your car on any device with internet connectivity it be a smartphone, tablet or your desktop/laptop

We believe that sharing our vehicles within our community will help tackle challenges of car over population, traffic jams, reduce pollution and create more parking spaces.


World Car Population is estimated currently at 1 Billion and Counting. When you share your vehicle on VehiclePortal we take 5 cars off the road. Hence when you share your car it’s for a good cause.

Approximately 10 Hours are spent by an idle car a day. In a year that’s 3650 Hours gone and wasted. VehiclePortal provides you a platform to turn these Hours into cash hence fostering economic development.

Have a car? List it, Earn Money and make a difference

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